Do people Take better care of their Dogs than their Cats?

Do you think people value their dogs a lot more than their cats?

If you’re honest, do YOU supply the same level of care to both types of pets?

For me, it’s safe to say my pet dog Ace does receive better care than my two cats Beamer and Scout.

Warum ist das?

I don’t know, but I thought I’d discuss the two main differences, veterinary care and diet.

Basic veterinary care – pet dog vs. cats

My pet dog sees a vet every year for a wellness exam. He also sees a vet several times a year for various issues that never fail to come up, so we’re in there about every other month (and blessed with a $250 bill each time). He also gets vaccinations every few years and an annual heartworm test.

On the other hand, I don’t bring my cats to the vet unless there’s an evident problem. considering that there never seems to be a problem, we don’t go, not even for wellness exams.

Scout (the little gray one) hasn’t seen a vet considering that 2009. Beamer (the tan one) was there in 2014 to have his teeth examined.

I’m not saying this is ideal or wrong. I’m just telling it like it is.

My cats don’t venture into the world much. They are indoor cats. I don’t board them. I’m not fostering any other cats, so I just don’t see the need to vaccinate mine. They are 10 and 12 years old and have had multiple rounds of vaccines in their earlier years, depend on me.

I know I must take them in for wellness exams, but all that really happens during these exams is they get their (racing!) hearts listened to and their ears looked at. I’m sorry, but it’s a joke.

Major veterinary expenses – pet dog vs. cats

Thankfully neither of my cats have needed any major medical procedures.

And then there’s our pet dog …We spent $1,800 on Ace one time (ER check out for pneumonia). I’m not sure we’d spend that much on a cat. I think we probably would, but there would be much longer discussions about it first.

With Ace, I pretty much just handed over my card without batting an eye, even though I didn’t have the money and had to pay with credit. (And that is not an option for everyone.)

We are planning some dental work for our cat Beamer, a cleaning, x-rays and I assume multiple extractions. I just assume we’ll be spending at least $700 there (welcome to Solana beach where everything is 20% a lot more expensive!), but we know it needs to be done and we’ve put it off too long.

Wir lieben ihn.

Diet – pet dog vs. cats

I feed my pet dog a variety of natural dry and raw brands. I spend a small fortune on his food, normally around $100 per month.

My cats, on the other hand … often I get them a cheap, corn-based dry food. often I get them a higher-quality brand, along with a natural brand of canned.

I know I must feed my cats the same quality of food Ace gets, and it’s something I am working on.

Frankly, they love the low-cost stuff and Scout often refuses to eat the expensive foods. What I normally end up doing is mixing the two brands together. So I guess that’s progress.

So vet care and food are the main differences between the care my pet dog and my cats receive.

Do people value dogs a lot more than cats?

I think they do, in general.

Is this because cats are a dime a dozen and you can barely even give them away for free? Vielleicht.

Is it because dogs cost a lot more (in lots of aspects) so we value what we spend money on?

Is it because dogs are a lot more devoted and protective? Is it because we bring them out and about into our lives?

Ich weiß nicht.

I love my cats very much. I love playing games with them. Scout and I play a chasing and wrestling game nearly every evening. I like getting them toys and beds and food because it makes me feel good.

Beamer and I cuddle together with a blanket every single evening while we enjoy TV. He lets me hold him at any moment and he purrs and purrs.

Scout puts his paws to my face gently as if to say, “Hey, I’m here for you.”

They look me in the eyes, follow me from room to room. They gather wherever my spouse and I are lounging. They want to be near us.

Wir lieben sie. Wir sind eine Familie.

Do you value your pet dog a lot more than your cat? Do you supply better care to one vs. the other?

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